That’s Why “Assume” Makes an Ass Out of You and Me

In my second Hot Stove League post of this post-season, I speculated about the Giants’ off-season plans. I started that post by saying, ” Assume for the moment that the Giants re-sign Panda, replace Romo with Strickland, and lose Peavy.”

None of those things happened.

They lost Panda to the Red Sox and in the last two days have re-signed both Sergio Romo and Jake Peavy. I’m guessing that means Strickland is on his way out. I don’t think that was the best long-term move for the Giants but then I don’t get fired if I’m wrong, so…

Giants Starter Jake Peavy

Giants Starter Jake Peavy

This means that the Giants are apparently fairly content with their admittedly above-average pitching staff and still have urgent needs at third and in left. I’d still like to see them beef up the pitching, but that may not be in the cards.

With Peavy inked to a two-year deal worth $24 million ($4 million signing bonus, $7 million in 2015, $13 million in 2016) , the rotation as it stands goes Bumgarner, Cain, Hudson, Lincecum and Peavy, whose contract also reportedly contains full no-trade powers.


Lifelong Giant Reliefer Sergio Romo

Meanwhile, Romo, a real fan favorite and a life-long Giant, was re-signed to a two-year deal with a reported $15 million (no particulars).

It’s worth noting that Peavy will be 33, Romo 32 this season. That is a recipe for injury and long rest periods needed.

Signing Peavy probably means the Giants’ rumored attempts to land James Shields of Kansas City — another 33-year-old arm they beat twice in the World Series — are just that…rumors. I suppose it’s possible that they plan to trade one of their other starting rotation but so far in an off-season that has blistered with moves by other clubs, the Giants have literally been tiptoeing around not doing much. Check that. Doing essentially nothing.

They lost out in the Jon Lester sweeps and a rumored deal with the Braves involving Justin Upton apparently disintegrated as well as the hard-hitting outfielder not only went elsewhere, he went to the Padres where I predict he’ll become a thorn in the side of the Giants.

The latest rumor  has the Orange-and-Black pursuing the Tigers’ ace Max Scherzer, the top free agent pitcher in the pool. But Scherzer is throwing out a near-record contract demand of $200 million and I don’t see the Giants as being that desperate for starting pitching. They need to save that payroll for third base and left field.

As the weeks go on, it becomes more likely they’ll have to trade to fill those spots with established talent, though their farm system could fill left field, as I’ve said before.


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